Monday, January 16, 2017

RF exposure from LED lighting

As a graduate of the Lighting Research Center and its Light+Health Program                                         (one of the best),  I want to share with you my concern for RF exposure from LED lighting.             WHO defined that about 10% of global population are suffering from High Sensitivity to                   EMF/RF radiation. With the increase and chronic RF exposure from smart wireless (IoT)                   technologies, so will increase the number of new people who resonate and are affected.

There is an expected increase in RF exposure from LED lighting.
For about 17 years, I have focused on LEDs lighting and how they affect physical health, such as retinal and circadian disruption; and mental health, such as neural 
and cognitive responses; and environmental health, such as light waves propagation, interferences, superposition, photons density and energy.

I almost overlooked RF exposure from LED lighting and its health impacts.

LED lighting is becoming the new Internet of Things (IoT) technology, with every light receiving embedded wireless (blue tooth and Wi-Fi) controls and/or GPSExposure from RF (microwave and radio frequency) from LED lighting will be chronic and increased, unless people choose to light with candles.

Public health will be negatively impacted. For instance, in an open office with 30-40 LED lighting fixtures, each light will be Wi-Fi controlled, creating a wireless mesh above the heads of workers that emits RF signals continuously, exposing workers to chronic RF radiation. In street LED lighting, each light pole will have Wi-Fi control, creating an outdoors meshwork that sends pulsed data (spikes) similarly to smart meters RF spikes that connect to management centers. This increase to chronic RF exposure, is done without the consent or control from people. 

The future for our cities is unhealthy. Those who can leave the city, would most likely do so. My heart goes to the younger folks and workers, who will have to stay under increased RF exposures at their work places, and feel the negative health effects, such as decreased concentration, lack of sleep, drained energy, increased anxiety, and unable to regenerate. 

What brought my attention to Lighting RF exposure, was the exposure at my home from a cellular and broadcast tower emissions. After taking RF measurements with ED88T meter, I created a video on the RF invisible forces that erode our health. 

For research papers on how low level RF radiation and impacts health, see below:

For  report on how pulsed RF spikes are affecting human health, see paper below: 

When RF exposure from street LED lights and RF exposure from offices LED Wi-Fi lights are combined with the light pulsation (LEDs don't have smooth spectral front), and flicker range (when LEDs are dimmed), the fate of large groups of population has been sealed to sleepless and unhealthy life.

Please consider decreasing RF radiation in your environment, by using wired controls for LED smart lighting at least. Great technology is People centered. 

Stay Healthy,