Monday, June 24, 2019

Light Comic Strip - bet you are surprised

I bet that many are surprised to see me writing/creating a comic strip. I was surprised myself.
But you know - the message of Healing Light has to be delivered, and in what form or shape
it's not long as it reaches people on time.

We need more luminous minds, we need Light in this country and around the world, no question.

And so, why wait for my book and why read 150+ pages on Healing Light; when you can get the scoop in a simple comic strip. Enjoy as much as I enjoyed sharing with you all.…

Friday, June 7, 2019

Sharing on Healing Light

While I continue writing a book on Healing Lighting, I wanted to share with you additional information. This info is not yet the "Big Secret" of healing with light, but it has useful pointers-;)

Monday, April 15, 2019

quick update on lighting

Writing my book on Healing Lighting, stay put - will let you know
when is published... In the interim, be peaceful and look for light within.
It's not "out-there" that we have to exert, it is in-here that we purify our thoughts,
and with peaceful humble light we follow natural order and have infinite presence.

Light and Health to All,


new podcast on Healing Lighting

Hi Everyone who is interested in lighting and being enlightened.

I am pleased to announce a 60+ min podcast on Healing Lighting that just
posted with Spectrum of Health. Listen to the podcast for understanding how
lighting with Natural order is healing and restoring our cells and minds; bringing
us in peaceful, happy, and conscious life. Enjoy your growth with conscious lighting!

Link to podcast


Monday, January 16, 2017

RF exposure from LED lighting

As a graduate of the Lighting Research Center and its Light+Health Program                                         (one of the best),  I want to share with you my concern for RF exposure from LED lighting.             WHO defined that about 10% of global population are suffering from High Sensitivity to                   EMF/RF radiation. With the increase and chronic RF exposure from smart wireless (IoT)                   technologies, so will increase the number of new people who resonate and are affected.

There is an expected increase in RF exposure from LED lighting.
For about 17 years, I have focused on LEDs lighting and how they affect physical health, such as retinal and circadian disruption; and mental health, such as neural 
and cognitive responses; and environmental health, such as light waves propagation, interferences, superposition, photons density and energy.

I almost overlooked RF exposure from LED lighting and its health impacts.

LED lighting is becoming the new Internet of Things (IoT) technology, with every light receiving embedded wireless (blue tooth and Wi-Fi) controls and/or GPSExposure from RF (microwave and radio frequency) from LED lighting will be chronic and increased, unless people choose to light with candles.

Public health will be negatively impacted. For instance, in an open office with 30-40 LED lighting fixtures, each light will be Wi-Fi controlled, creating a wireless mesh above the heads of workers that emits RF signals continuously, exposing workers to chronic RF radiation. In street LED lighting, each light pole will have Wi-Fi control, creating an outdoors meshwork that sends pulsed data (spikes) similarly to smart meters RF spikes that connect to management centers. This increase to chronic RF exposure, is done without the consent or control from people. 

The future for our cities is unhealthy. Those who can leave the city, would most likely do so. My heart goes to the younger folks and workers, who will have to stay under increased RF exposures at their work places, and feel the negative health effects, such as decreased concentration, lack of sleep, drained energy, increased anxiety, and unable to regenerate. 

What brought my attention to Lighting RF exposure, was the exposure at my home from a cellular and broadcast tower emissions. After taking RF measurements with ED88T meter, I created a video on the RF invisible forces that erode our health. 

For research papers on how low level RF radiation and impacts health, see below:

For  report on how pulsed RF spikes are affecting human health, see paper below: 

When RF exposure from street LED lights and RF exposure from offices LED Wi-Fi lights are combined with the light pulsation (LEDs don't have smooth spectral front), and flicker range (when LEDs are dimmed), the fate of large groups of population has been sealed to sleepless and unhealthy life.

Please consider decreasing RF radiation in your environment, by using wired controls for LED smart lighting at least. Great technology is People centered. 

Stay Healthy,

Monday, October 17, 2016

San Francisco Muni advertising destabilizing health of population

Have you seen lately the San Francisco Muni trains?
The cars with people are now a moving advertising board.
You may think this is a good economical solution, as Muni
gathers its funds from advertising, without burdening riders
with higher cost of tickets.

However, the Muni advertisings are painted on the cars windows,
blocking access to daylight, and this is a bad decision from Public
Health perspective, that destabilizes the health of San Franciscans.
Let me explain, contrary to the saying "You get what you pay for",
daylight is free to use (when available) and is found by research
that is the 100% healthy package. In other words, having access
to daylight makes you healthier!

All Muni lines have above ground rounds, before entering in the
tunnels guts at about Van Ness. The tunnels run underground
to the Financial district, and after Embarcadero the Muni trains
are back above ground. The rides above ground are crucial!

Riders headed to work who are receiving full exposure
to daylight through the Muni clean cars windows, receive
a boost in alertness that improves their work performance.
And there is more, the receiving of abundant daylight
in the morning hours, regulates the circadian system,
the hormones and endocrine functions in our bodies.
Exposure to daylight while riding the Muni trains,
is crucial in suppressing the sleep hormone melatonin
in the morning hours, which in turn results in timely
melatonin production in the evening hours, resulting
in good quality of night sleep.

In other words, access to daylight while riding Muni
above ground, is crucial for San Franciscans health.

And here it is, SFMTA Muni focusing on the creative
(they thought) acquiring of additional funds, covering
Muni cars windows with advertising, blocking daylight.
In this scheme, human health and human wellbeing
were forgotten and sacrificed.

SFMTA - we need to reverse the process right now, we
need clean cars windows, that stream daylight inside,
and we need to support public health. It is a good idea
to include health experts in every level of decisions,
to make sure that human health is protected in SF.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The American Medical Association issued on June 14, 2016 a warning for LED street lighting. The doctors, in order to protect human health, recommended that LED street lighting should be 3000K, in other words they recommended to "warm it and dim it" when it comes to street LED lights. They also warned that cool LED lights above 3000K are harmful to people in two ways: #1 burning the retina and #2 suppressing melatonin and sleep disruption. See for yourself the link below

For me, it was a sigh of relief to see that medical professionals, always humanitarian, have taken the lead in lighting to protect public health from the potential harmful effects of LED lighting. You would think that the American Medical Association AMA lighting warning, would be received warmly by the Lighting Industry. Instead, Lighting Manufacturers with stock of bluish LED street lights and the Illuminating Engineering Society IES took offense, and even the Department of Energy DOE was reluctant to admit that this warning is timely. The message from the lighting industry to the AMA was to "back-off" and that doctors are not lighting experts, never-mind that doctors care about the health of people. With this rebuke of the doctors, misguided City Planners and local governments will continue to replace street lights with intensely bright and cool bluish LED lights, that are unhealthy and impact negatively our communities.

The AMA warning about LED street lighting is a good start, and it didn't go far enough to encompass the health issue with multi-fringed overlapping blurry shadows, produced by the many LED chips in street lights, pulsating separate light beams and projecting multiple shadows from a single leaf. Under the trees on our streets, we encounter a cognitive mess, a lack of correlation between the physical object (a leaf) and its shadow(s),  a forced disassociation from reality.

You may think of shadows and light as the yin and yen, as the two sides of the same coin, and while it's almost impossible to define light quality by looking at the bright high intensity pole lights, one can look at the shadows and find this information. This is why the three rules in lighting are "mock-up" "mock-up" and "mock-up". Before installing LED lights, first turn them on, then aim LED light to a wall about 2-3 feet away, then insert your hand in between the light and the wall, and look at the shadows on the wall. If you see sharp black shadows and more than five fingers, don't buy this LED fixture.

Light and health for you,